Suave, dynamic and with an invincible vision to excel, Bharat Bhushan Atree, Managing Director of the Caper Group, is an entrepreneur who has already carved out an unassailable niche in the travel industry.

Audaciously facing the unprecedented struggles and topsy-turviness of life, he was able to channelise his own travel start-up, starting merely with the embryonic faith of two members. Today, with more than 300 staff members, the life of Bharat Bhushan Atree is a living legend to many.
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The Frequent Flyer

  • 30/09/2014
  • Sixteen years ago, with little knowledge but a lot of passion, I founded my own company, Caper Travel. And that, as they say, is where my story begins. For a compulsive traveller such as me, it couldn’t have been a better decision. A lot of people now ask me which cities and countries I have visited. Well, I’ve certainly lost count. Travel fuels my desire to experience new cultures, meet new people and get familiar with unique places.
    And if like me, you were born to travel, then welcome to my world! After racking up some decent air miles, I’d like to share my experiences with you. Rest assured, after so many years of being an insider in the travel industry, you’ll get nothing but unbiased, first-hand advice from me.
    Join me as I take you around the world with my travel diaries
Bharat Atree

Ambitions aspired. Goals achieved. Milestones crossed. Awards won. My life in pictures.
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Since the time it was founded, the Caper Group has always worked to give back to society in small ways, especially when it comes to children's education. Our most recent contributions are:

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