Suave, dynamic and with an invincible vision to excel, Bharat Bhushan Atree, Managing Director of the Caper Group, is an entrepreneur who has already carved out an indisputable niche in the travel industry. He pursued his graduation from Australia, imbibing the skills of cognitive empowerment, innovative thinking and cutting-edge versatility. His affluent family, hailing from the political and land owning circles of India, has been his tenacious support in every endeavour.

After his graduation, he inculcated a flawless thought process, which helped him establish an advent into the travel industry, right from the very scratch. Audaciously facing the unprecedented struggles and topsy-turviness of life, he was able to channelise his own start-up, starting merely with the embryonic faith of two members. Today, with more than 300 staff members, the life of Bharat Bhushan Atree is a living legend to many. Especially those inspired with a vision.

As Managing Director of Caper Group, his flair for travel and to explore diverse cultures has enhanced the scope of his business world to embrace the zenith of excellence. Being hi-tech savvy has only boosted his potential to achieve his goals with greater fluidity. Unselfish, he does not believe in hogging the whole business pie by himself; but rather to enhance it in scope and volume, as his slice will correspondingly assume greater substance. He is not rash or reckless but rational and calculative in implementing his policy. Exquisiteness, idealism and integrity remain the foundations of his impeccable journey into the travel industry. Weaving original travel stories with innovative vocabulary, he continues to break old rules and devise new patterns of greatness.

He is an impresario par excellence who abides by the motto that he is second to none!