Business Philosophy

Bharat Bhushan Atree's business philosophy reflects his deep-seated principles of humility, respect for others and admiration for perfection. He has always stressed on making improvements by diligently focusing on solving problems. The embryonic dream of founding a travel solutions company, now firmly established as the Caper Group, witnessed a series of ebbs and flows. But what has always governed the trajectory is the strategic vision for the corporation's evolution and development.

Every single professional involved with the Caper Group is trusted, valued, respected and endowed with a chance of improvement. The business model of Caper Group has a personal touch, forming the building block of the company's idea of providing travel solutions to its customers. The demand for high standards of performance and panache has witnessed a dramatic growth in the past years and Caper has taken this change in its stride, thus moving upwards each passing year.

With the addition of even more invincible and well-established ventures within the Caper Group, the motive of 'Live your Dreams' still continues to be the guiding mantra.